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Every Story Matters

Beneath the mystery of a human being’s face is a remarkable story. If you dig deep enough into their soul, you may find a narrative unlike any other that is filled to the brim with commissions of brokenness and unmatched accomplishments. Their story is unique to the world because no one else has one quite like it. They may be similar, with thoughts and mannerisms that mirror lives around them, but deep within the majesty of the world you find that each person is truly special. Each moment of their existence has been orchestrated in independence and solidarity, with a plan that was not ordained for anyone else but themselves. If you are able to unlock their heart, you will find a treasure. Of course, this treasure is not comparable to others, as it bears a mark of significance which separates it from the crowd. Each person has this treasure, often without realizing that there has never been anyone like the exact person that they are. Every life, from the newborn child to the elderly grandfather, has a momentary majesty of power through simply being born. The glimpse of their impact of the world shines bright because it displays a light that is unique from the others. More than that, each being shines this light. When these lights come together, they connect into meaningful relationships that alter the world. The unity formed between the bonds of humanity are special because it is the lights of the world forming together in purpose. The potential driven forth from the souls of people in connection cannot be broken by any force in the universe. And it all begins with the showing of a story. For inside every person is not only a treasure, but potential. Within each of us, our potential is patiently waiting for connection, longing to be used.

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