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Joyful Wings

Like a bird bursts through the sky out of the business of the trees, so I am filled with joy to embrace life with you. You give me freedom to be more than I could ever be on my own. I can be who I am, not a twisted version of reality that alters myself for the positive perceptions of others. In you I feel the joy of being a unique identity. Each morning brings a shout of hope, because I have the honor of living with you. Though you made me, you live with me. You do not grieve at the sight of my wrongdoing, but you rejoice at my path when I choose to come alongside you. For with you is a life full of breathtaking wonders and a majestic perspective of unwavering hope. It is a journey rich with meaning. Though the steps on the journey are many, and the path may stray from its course, the joy is offered all the same to me. In you is freedom. In you is joy. In you you is life.

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