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The Year of Adventure

If you’ve never heard of Jesse Itzler, he is an entrepreneur and author known for not only founding businesses but for committing to inspiring actions and challenges. I remember hearing him in an interview years ago, and a concept he shared about truly changed my life. Every single year, Itzler chooses one year-defining event to complete each year. It may be a physical challenge, like running an ultra-marathon, or something more mentally taxing like learning a new language. Whatever you choose, you let that define and summarize your year. When you look back on that year, you can point to exactly what defined that year for you.

Ever since hearing this, I’ve been inspired to implement it in my own life. It’s like asking yourself, how can I do something awesome this year? Well, last year I decided to run a full marathon in May. Up to that point, I had never ran over 13.1 miles. But I decided that it would be the year of running, where I did not stop running from January 1 to December 31. I had always been used to training for a race and then taking time off. I’d repeat that cycle year in and year out, but last year I wanted to see my progress if I ran every single week - no matter what - all year. So I not only ran a full marathon, I ran two half marathons, a 10K, and two 5Ks. And it became the year of running. But that was last year.

This will be the year of adventure. Last Saturday my wife Jackie and I left our homes to travel for a year, moving to multiple locations while she completes travel assignments in physical therapy. We will not only live out adventures, but live with a spirit of adventure, to try new things, experience new places, and be on the go in new environments. If you’ve been following my writing for some time, you may wondering: is this going to become another one of those travel blogs? The answer is a clear no. But I would count on some stories, pictures, and life lessons learned on the road over the next year. But that’s just about me; now to you.

What will this year be the year of for you? What will you commit to that will change your life, widen your perspective, or push your limits? You don’t have to leave home to have a life-defining event. The idea is that you choose something awesome to do every year, and you commit to doing it. It’s not a resolution or goal list, just one big event that will change you. Choose one, and join me in a life-defining year.

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